Page 97

I’m just about wrapped up with “second round” thumbnails for the final chapter of Oyster War. As mentioned, this last chapter’s going to be a long one… but there’s a lot going on action-wise and a lot of threads to tie up. Stay tuned!


Please sir, have pity on us poor, dear fools. Page 98 on Christmas day please.

Alas, I’m traveling now and couldn’t post a page now even if I wanted to. I’m drawing the final chapter now, though, and will move to weekly posting here soon hopefully. Thanks for reading!

The color combo on the last three panels: Fantastic! :O)

Thanks, Joseph! I’m pretty sure I sampled all of those colors from somewhere on the previous page. Even though this is being presented as a page-at-a-time webcomic now, I’m trying to think about how these pages will look as spreads. This page, for example, is the right-hand end to a chapter.

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