Page 76

Despite the fact that not much happens on this page, it’s one of my favorites of this chapter. I may recolor the penultimate panel so that it matches the coloring in the final one, though.

Oyster War progress report: I’ve got a backlog currently of six completed, colored pages. With one more page in Chapter 8 to post, I’m pretty sure that I should be an entire chapter ahead by next posting!


This is a great story, Ben! Iseabel on the rail with the pirates? Bullock must have slipped up…but I suspect that she needs to be back with the bad guys when this epic tale concludes. Each new page is worth waiting for!

@David – Arghhh! You’re right–I’ve gotten one chapter ahead of myself. She shouldn’t be back with the pirates yet (although, as you’ve surmised, she will end up back with them for the conclusion of the story–which is fast approaching). If anything, this’ll give me the chance to test out drawing/correcting on my new tablet monitor. I’ll swap her out with another pirate. (I’ve got to do a similar thing with another character a few chapters back. It’s implied that he’s shot/killed, but I liked the character design so much I reused him later.)

Well, that was a cool switch! Glad I mentioned it! Keep up the great work!! dlb

@David – Yeah, it gave me a chance to try out my new digitizing monitor (a monitor that you can draw directly on the screen with). I’ve got a bunch of stuff that I’ll need to go back and tweak before I start shopping this story around for a potential book publisher.

Hello I came to this a little late. Actually when it showed up in comics .com but the pirate to the very right of each page looks a lot alike to one of the crewman. The one just saved from drowning by the captain. Anyway I found the origonal picture the Pirate appeaeed (23) and can find no comment about being brothers perhaps?

I apoligize for any spelling errors but my main computer is ill, very ill and In am using this little portable In can barely see.


@Bill – Yeah, I noticed over at GoComics that some people thought that the knife-wielding pirate and the Layla crewman you mention (his name is “Tick”) were the same person. I’ve made a note to go back and differentiate them more visually. They indeed have similar hair and jaw areas (but fairly different noses). The pirate originally had a full beard when I designed him. Maybe I’ll go back and add that to him. If you’ve read ahead over here at you know that he meets his end fairly early in the story, so there’d not be a ton of correcting to do.

It’s great to have a “live audience” to read through this and catch stuff like that prior to my trying to get it published in book form!

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