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Well… I did wind up taking a two weeks-worth period to thumnail this chapter–sorry! In my defense, I probably wouldn’t have had to do that except that I agreed to do a one-pager for a charity benefit book that’s coming out digitally from Monkey Brain Comics in 2013. But, chapter eight is thumbnailed and ready to go. It’s nine or ten pages if I’m remembering correctly.

I’m really enjoying the fact that the story is now moving to forested land. I think it’s a good idea to have three (or so) distinct locations in any story. In the case of Oyster War: Blood’s Haven, the sea/ships, and now land/forest. Hope you’re digging where the story is going. We’re in the home stretch here…


Thank you. I just encountered Oyster Wars, and believe it to be the best-drawn comic strip since Rick O’Shay. Your maritime accuracy, and the old-time “feeling” of the strip are wonderful. Again, I thank you.

Glad you found–and are enjoying–Oyster War, Craig! I’m better at “feeling” than true accuracy here, but I definitely hope that it’s got a late 1800s vibe, despite fudging a lot of details, and having a lot of fantasy elements involved.

Hey, I came over from gocomics. This is really great work. Just wondering if you are going to make any changes to the artwork in gocomics for the older pages? BTW, Is Oyster Wars appearing in any of the papers(print?).

@Ram – Thanks! Glad you’re digging the strip. As for your question:

I’ve got about 40 pages or so left to wrap up the story. While I’m working on those, I’ll just be posting pages to gocomics as-as. Once the story’s wrapped up, though, I’ll begin posting twice–rather than once–a week at gocomics, and I’ll also begin doing some revisions/corrections at that point.

As for newspapers: no. Sadly, the days of full-page full-color Sunday strips have been over since the 20s. Alas… I’m certainly hoping, though, to find a publisher for a print version of Oyster War this year if possible.

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