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As mentioned with last page’s post, I’ve obviously taken some pretty big liberties with how I’ve portrayed The Alligator here. The Alligator was indeed the first U.S. Navy submarine (AKA “ships that go underwater” – Barack Obama) but unlike what’s pictured here, it was initially powered by oars–and consequently, would have required a crew to be hijacked, not just a couple of guys. The Alligator‘s oar system was eventually replaced with a hand-cranked propeller which increased its top speed somewhat. It was still only capable of a pokey (by modern standards anyway) seven knots.

I generally avoid gradient fills when coloring, but the last panel here seemed like a place where it was appropriate.


Hey, man – thank you for the support on the Google Plus, Ben. I finally made it over to see some of yer work and this story in particular is very exciting. I had no clue about the Alligator until today.

Do you know about the CSS Hunley? It was the Confederacy’s first submarine. The Hunley sunk 3-4 times killing it’s inventor and multiple crews…

@Paul Schmitt – Hey, thanks for checking out my work! Yeah, I’m familiar with the Hunley. I was in Savannah, GA during some of the efforts to raise the Hunley. I think the Hunley was maybe a year or two after the Alligator?

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