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That submarine they’re about to jack was a real Civil War submarine–and, in fact, the first U.S. Navy submarine. You can read more about The Alligator here. I’ve obviously taken some liberties (as I do with pretty much every historical thing in Oyster War!) with the boat’s appearance here, but the story about it being lost at sea in a storm off Cape Hatteras is true. I turned up an article from 2004 about a hunt to find the sunken vessel, but didn’t turn up any further news on that project.  Now that the CSS Hunley has been recovered, maybe there’ll be some renewed interest in looking for The Alligator.


oh the colours in the last panel are delicious! well done sir!

@David – Thanks! I really like using odd non-literal colors when I can get away with it. One thing that was a big inspiration for me coloring-wise is the color work in Gus and His Gang by Christophe Blain. There’s some really interesting out-there stuff in that book. It’s amazing stuff.

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