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Polynesian stick charts are real things–real amazing things. This is the best post I could find about them online. You can see that I clearly nabbed the design of Tevia’s from the second one down.

“(The) navigator gauged the wave patterns represented in the Stick Charts entirely by his sense of touch. ‘He would crouch in the bow of his canoe and literally feel every motion of the vessel.’ As with ripples in a pond they’concentrated on refraction of swells as they came in contact with undersea slopes of islands and the bending of swells around islands as they interacted with swells coming from opposite directions.’”


@Aviv – Yeah, they’re kind of crazy… and really impressive. Polynesians were using them to navigate between tiny islands hundreds of years before European navigation techniques were able come anywhere close to that ability.

Ben, just a wonderful piece of work, loving it. Missed you at SPX this year.

Please tell me you are going to turn Oyster War into a book, yes? :)

@David – Thanks! Yeah, I’m certainly hoping that an actual book is the final goal here. We’ll see… I’ve started to pester a few potential publishers.

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