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Well, this concludes chapter six of Oyster War–and puts me just about at the half-way point. The entire story is a prolog, twelve chapters, and an epilog. I sure wish I could wrap this story up a lot quicker, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. About a month from now, though, my daughter will be back in school and I’ll have returned from my last convention of the year–the Small Press Expo. At that point I may see if I’m able to begin doing a page per week. I’ll probably “sit on” any pages that I produce this way until I see if it’s sustainable. I’d love to get this wrapped up faster not only because I know it’s hard to follow at a page per two-weeks, but also because I’ve had the script and character designs for my next project done and ready to roll now for a while!

I’m busy thumbnailing Chapter 7 at the moment and I’m hoping to avoid the usual two week “skip” between chapters that I usually need to thumbnail, but we’ll see…

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