Page 56

I had to break out my snow-drawing technique from back in my Midnight Sun days for this one. This page is one half of what would constitute a two-page spread if the story were ever printed as a book. The next page gets a little gory…Well, gory for Oyster War, anyway.


I like this guy already — Cool story, and any resurfacing of “Midnight Sun” is right up my alley!

@Jess – Hey, thanks! As for Midnight Sun, that’s unfortunately out of print. I own the rights to it at this point, though, and I’d like to get it back out there. It’s on my long-term “to do” list for sure. I’m thinking of maybe re-tonig it in sepia rather than gray and doing a digital edition.

Howard Blackburn is a local hero here on Boston’s north shore. Was he part of the inspiration for this tale?

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