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I didn’t even know about the mythology of Selkies. That’s cool and definitely opens up some cool plot possibilities. I love Joost Le Roy’s face in the last panel.

Thanks, Jared. I paint myself into a corner with my characters designs since I always use those “dot eyes” that make it hard to do expressions very well–but several books and about 50 pages into Oyster War later, I’m hopefully getting OK at it!

I know what you mean with the eyes. I’m still learning how to use every element in a panel to convey emotion. I don’t want to sound like I’m buttering you up, but I think you do it well. You’re art reminds me of Georges Remi.

Hey, I’ll take any HergĂ© comparison I can get! I’m definitely paying homage to Tintin the four-row format of Oyster War for sure. Eye-wise, it seems like your early B&W stuff had characters with the dot eyes, but you’ve moved to eyes that are outlines now.

Yeah it was a symptom of not hammering out my character designs before going live with the strip so my style seems to evolve with each strip. I would like to go back a do a more simplified eye but I’ve made so many changes so far I figured I would keep it this way.

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