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I finished penciling and inking the very last Oyster War page earlier this week! I still, though, have to color the last ten or so pages of the story–and I’ve got a ton of corrections I’d like to do to some of the early pages. Why would I correct a webcomic that’s already run its course? I can’t say right now… but hopefully I’ll have some good Oyster War news to announce soon.


I came across your comic a few months ago. Have really been enjoying your work, and story. Pretty safe to assume that we will be able I get a hard copy down the road. Look forward to getting it for my kid.

Glad you stumbled on the strip, Tony! As for a print edition, I’m hoping I’ll be able to announce some good news on that front soon. Stay tuned…

Polite? Mostly, anyway. He didn’t help her back up, so she’s still hanging on the cliff edge.
Not that I have a problem with that, since she’s a manipulative, greedy thing…
Why do I have “Witchy Woman” running through my head now?

Had to look it up to be sure I was right, wwhyde85. Knew it was the Eagles, but was thinking that was the Zelda Fitzgerald song. And I was right. Henley had been reading a bio on her when he wrote that song. Somehow I don’t see Iseabal as a flapper. But I can see her as a restless spirit on an endless flight.

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