Page 103

Managed to just wrap up inking page. 119 last week before I it the road for the opening of the big Calvin and Hobbes/Cul de Sac original art exhibit in Columbus, OH. The end is in sight! (And you can read my write-up of my visit to the exhibit here.)


You keep me learning something new with this strip, kind sir. I thought you were merely taking creative license by having a hammerhead in that second from last panel. But I did a web search a learned that the smooth hammerhead does visit the Chesapeake at least as far north as the mouth of the Choptank River. It is always nice when a TV show, movie, novel, or comic strip can get you to learn something and I do thank you for that.

@Knight1192 – I’d love to tell you that’s the result of rigorous research, but it’s mostly dumb luck. For what it’s worth, seals are almost never seen as far south as the Chesapeake, but I threw in the Selkie just for fun!

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