Page 102

Sorry for the late post, y’all! I was so busy drawing and inking pg. 117 on Wednesday that it totally slipped my mind. I’ve set myself up a Google Calendar alert for every other Wednesday, so hopefully the posting will be on time from here on out until the story wraps up.

On this page: I’ve been basing all of Ju-Long’s fighting moves on T’ai chi, but his posture in panel three here is directly from another “inner style” Chinese martial art, Baguazhang.


Btw, there’s an issue with your Amazon wishlist where your address isn’t associated with it, which means that people can’t send you anything unless they personally already know where you live. I’m not sure how to correct this.

Hey, thanks for letting me know about that. I just went in and associated my address with my wishlist. -B.

I was kinda more thinking of Miyagi coming in to Daniel’s rescue with a stone faced look right before wiping the floor with everyone. That’s kinda how I’m seeing Ju-Long in action, calm and stoned faced. And the last man standing while his opponents don’ know what hit them.

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