Page 100

I’m happy to report that I’ve managed to squeeze in some decent drawing time in January and I have the first five pages of the final chapter of Oyster War all inked, scanned and prepped for coloring. ┬áThat leaves seventeen more to go…


When is the next page? It’s been almost a month since this one was posted.

Arghh! You’re right. I usually update every other Wednesday, but I must have missed the 12th somehow. My Apologies–it’s been a busy February. I’ll post a new page this Wednesday (day after tomorrow) for sure!

Sorry to have been so demanding and sorry to hear Feb. has been so busy. Though I hope busy means well paid for you at the same time.

Not problem at all. It’s great to know therer’re people out there reading and enjoying the strip! (And I’ll be posting a new page later today.)

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